Chapel Kids!

We’re glad you stopped by! 

At Chapel by the Sea we take seriously:

  • The moral and ethical growth of your children. Our culture seems less inclined to teach a moral code to children than what we consider necessary for the development of a healthy mind and social fabric required to have a happy and fulfilling life. Christian principles offer the much-needed structure to meet that need.

  • The clarity of how the world and universe was created. A world focused on materialism and relative truth introduces confusion and uncertainty for children in their developmental years. That, in the absence of critical thinking, can lead them on a path they are not prepared to navigate on their own.

  • The Chapel welcomes freethinking and intellectual challenge within a framework of acceptance and examination of facts. This encourages engagement and creates a solid structure for the evolving psychological and spiritual development of the child.

  • Having fun! Kids learn best when having fun! We integrate fun at every appropriate level of the learning process to help them integrate learned principles. Additionally, we offer youth activities like: visits to the Clearwater Aquarium; Kayaking, Volleyball, field trips, and more.

Call or stop in to introduce your children and find out more about our Sunday school and programs.

Hope to see you soon!

We use the Deep Blue curriculum for children. Check out Deep Blue below!

Chapel Youth

For older kids, we have an exciting program called “Drive Thru History” that takes our youth through the Holy Land describing the events that happened in Jesus’ day. Check it out below!


Sunday School Kick-off