Adult Education Opportunities

There’s something for everyone interested in spiritual growth!

We offer a variety of opportunities for adults to grow in faith through challenging and thought-provoking classes. Some classes are offered on Sundays, and some during the week. We try to offer a diverse programming to accommodate the varied spiritual needs of our parishioners including a contemplative prayer group, a Bible study, and topical courses. 

Thursday Morning Bible Fellowship

Thursdays @ 10:30 am

This Bible study has been meeting for over thirty years, and is always welcoming new people! Rich discussion about the Bible is the hallmark of this gathering. Once a month we enjoy lunch together and celebrate each others’ birthdays. There’s always more to learn about the Bible, so come discover more about Jesus - who He is - and why He came. Sign up here.


Adult Sunday School Programs 9 am

October 6 thru November 24

A Christian allegorical tale about a bus ride from hell to heaven. An extraordinary meditation upon good and evil, grace and judgment, Lewis's revolutionary idea in the The Great Divorce is that the gates of Hell are locked from the inside. Rev. Scott Montcrief, DMN

Books are available at the church and will be read by participants who wish to participant in interactive and spirited discussion.

December 1 thru 22nd

”Advent Study”. Facilitator Rev. Rhonda Blevins, DMN, with help from Dr. Amy Jill-Levine, “Light of the World” is a 4 week deep dive into the biblical texts that surround and inform Advent.

January 5 thru Feb 23

Nooma 2.png

NOOMA is a series promoting spiritual reflections on individual life experiences. The name NOOMA comes from a phonetic spelling of the Greek word πνευμα (pneuma), meaning "wind", "spirit", or "breath". Series resumes on April 12 thru May 31


March 1 thru April 5 (In class with on-line follow-up available)

The wood. The thorns. The nails. Christ's sacrifice has defined the very essence of mankind's faith for the past 2000 years. Max Lucado invites you to examine the cross, contemplate its purpose, and celebrate its significance. Max examines the symbols surrounding Christ's crucifixion, revealing the claims of the cross and asserting that if they are true, then Christianity itself is true.


March 1- April 5

Lenten Study

The season of Lent is a time to reflect on Christ and to find ways to live more fully into the life we were called to live. Join with friends from the Chapel for this six week journey of exploration and spiritual growth.


Monday Evening Programs from 7 pm to 8:30 Pm (Food and Beverage Provided. Donations to offset cost are appreciated

Foundations of Christianity.jpg

November 3 thru Jan 20

Christianity 33 AD: what was it like after Jesus crucifixion and resurrection? How did it form? How did it grow? What were the major influences in what it was, is, and will become?

Come explore the world of the early Christians and learn the foundations of their beliefs.

the psychology of spirituality.png

January 27 thru March 9

When asked whether they are religious, many say they are spiritual but not religious in the traditional sense. But just what is spirituality? To begin with, spirituality is not all sweetness and light. ... Spirituality can best be characterized by psychological growth, creativity, consciousness and emotional maturation.

Dealing with Change.png

March 16 & 23

How do you deal with sudden change?  

How do you deal with a life changing event? 

What are major life changes?

How do you deal with unexpected change? 

Join us for this 2 day work shop to learn how to integrate your spiritual beliefs with coping strategies.


March 30 &I April 6

power of forgiveness.png

What does it mean to forgive?

Some believe it’s letting someone off the hook. Some, more than others, have difficulty forgiving. Join us in the 2 session workshop that explores the “process” of forgiving.

Learn how UN-forgiveness affects our well being and how, through the use of the “no-fault empowerment tool” we can find: peace; happiness; care & safety; quietness of mind.

Drive Thru History.png

April 13 thru May 25

Dave Stotts tells the story of Jesus from the locations recorded in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

Dave travels to over 50 ancient sites in Israel to deliver the Gospels in a fresh and compelling way...