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Join us April 8, 15, and 22 for a 3-part sermon series on the life of Joseph entitled "Falling Upward," inspired by Richard Rohr's book by the same name. A discussion based on the book and sermon series will be on April 25 at 1 pm. We're a thinking, feeling, healing congregation that welcomes all people! Sundays @ 10. Public parking lot across the street is free until 12:30. Nursery provided.



Throughout the ages man has wondered:


  • Who Am I in this universe?


  • Is there a Creator?


What can today’s science reveal to us?


See it on the big screen! Man's Search for God

Take a journey through the latest scientific evidence presented by the most prominent scientist and philosophers of our time. 

A 7-part series that will explore:

  1. In The Beginning … a Cosmological argument

[The Big Bang & Creation: how the universe works; the science and implications about creation]


  1. Design… The Teleological Argument

[what are the scientific implications about intelligence creating the universe?]

3.  The Alternative Theory-Evolution

[What new discoveries challenge the theory’s limitations?]




See it on the big screen!

Take a journey through the latest scientific evidence presented by the most prominent scientist and philosophers of our time.

  1. A Personal God...Does God exist?

[Where does rational thought end and faith begin?  Is there a moral implication?]


  1. What About The Bible? [How can we determine its textural integrity or historical accuracy?]


  1. What Evidence Supports The Bible as the Word of God? [What does time and structure tell us about the Bible?]


  1. Alternative Religions & World Views

[Explore the many popular religions of the world.  Test their validity.]







 Where and When

Presentations are on Sunday mornings after worship (11:15 a.m.) and also on Monday nights starting at 7 pm. The sessions run 60 to 90 minutes depending on content. 

Each session provides highlights to the topic offered.  A more in-depth study will be offered, by request, to those who wish to explore more extensively.

Don’t miss this highly stimulating and thought provoking series!  Sign up today!

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more scientific fact 




Has Science Discovered God?  Take 25 minutes to find out:  https://youtu.be/nEkWz6DAAOU


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