Stop Hunger Now!/ Rise Against Hunger

The Chapel-By-The-Sea packaging event on Nov. 18

The name of the sponsoring organization has changed to Rise Against Hunger.

Click the Stop Hunger logo for video of the event! It will be substantially the same under the new company.



On Sat., Oct. 15, 2016, Chapel-by-the-Sea partnered with Stop Hunger Now to package 2500 packets or 15,000 dehydrated meals for families in needy countries. Each packet contains vital vitamins and nutrients to feed a family of six for one day. Established in 1998, Stop Hunger Now is an international hunger relief organization that coordinates the distribution of food and other life saving aid around the world. Stop Hunger Now’s meal packaging program has provided over 110,000,000 nutritious meals to more than 43 countries.

On packaging day, over 70 volunteers from the community gathered to man funnel stations, scale stations, sealing stations, and finally, boxing stations to ensure delivery to the designated country. Stop Hunger Now indicated that we should allow a three hour time frame for the event. It’s definitely a “hands on” project for all ages. Last year we finished packing the last meal in one hour and 45 minutes!

This year the Chapel raised over $4,384,  to support transportation and the cost of raw materials for the designated country. In 2015 our efforts contributed to part of a container load holding 285,000 meals delivered to refugees in the South Sudan. Over the years one of the keys to success for Stop Hunger Now is that they have “boots on the ground” at the port of arrival that ensures that the meals go directly to those in need. When the container is full, they will let us know where this year's food will go.

Link to their website: Stop Hunger Now



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