Sunday School

The Sunday morning adult class at 9:00 follows the format of last year's "The Story". 

"Believe" uses the video format with Randy Frazee, with discussion following.  You will not be asked to read, we will not divide into small groups, and each class stands alone, which means if you miss some, it is not the end of the world.

There is plenty of room for you.  Topics include: The Bible, Identity in Christ, Church (what is), Humanity, Compassion, etc.  Later in the year we will discuss Spiritual Gifts, Sharing my Faith, and more!  A basic Biblical understanding is helpful to participate. Sue and Scott Moncrieff, Carolyn Rose , and Linda Owens will be conveners. 

We are still looking for someone (or two!) to teach "The Story", a wonderful basic overview of the Bible.  Would you substitute if someone else would be the main teacher?  Please call the church office.


Scott Moncrieff


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